Top 5 Interior Design Trends In 2016

Top Interior Design Trends in 2016

Top 5 Interior Design Trends In 2016

Like most of us, I cannot believe how quickly each year can pass by. So here we are in 2016 and now January is already in the rearview! My 2015 can be summarized by a quote from Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Along with every New Year comes new trends and forecasts for the interior design industry. The showrooms at the Furniture and Accessory Markets in High Point, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Dallas are amazing indicators of where design is heading. These 5 emerging trends encourage sustainability, mixing metals and textures, and combining design genres to reflect personal style were on full display and will be making their way into our homes. Say goodbye to the perfectly matched and polished looks of 2015 interiors. 2016 is all about surrounding yourself with items that convey your personality. Our homes will soon tell a story of who we are and how we got there.

Eclectic Interiors

st louis eclectic interior design trends

Eclectic design relies heavily on the building blocks of design (color, pattern, texture, and composition) to make a space look cohesive. People typically associate eclectic design with a chaotic mix of objects that all colliding in one space, so there is some hesitation in the design community to use this term when describing a desired aesthetic. This hesitation has brought about design styles such as Modern Farmhouse and Rustic Chic. These classifications do describe the styles being combined; however, by definition, any time you combine more than one design style, it is eclectic.

Artisan Goods

st louis unique handmade home decor design

Being socially and environmentally aware is no longer a trend, but a way of life. Fair Trade practice is an example of this growing awareness. This is a social movement with a goal to help developing countries achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainability. The items produced are specific to the region they are sourced from and handmade by local artisans. As an interior designer, I am always looking for one-of-a-kind items for my clients and have embraced this direction in design. There is nothing worse than showing off your new space and learning that your friends and neighbors have the same things in their homes. Unique pieces from around the globe and locally sourced handmade items will be making their way into our homes in 2016.

Mixing Metallics and Metals

interior design with metals and metallics

Metallics add warmth and richness to any space. The interior design trend is definitely leaning toward the warmer tones of copper, brass and rose gold. Silver, pewter and chrome are still in the mix, but are no longer the only metals in the room. This trend is about more than just mixing the metals; it’s about mixing their textures and sheens as well. These metals are no longer offered only in polished or brushed. Look for matte, burnished, antiqued and other designer finishes to be introduced to the market.


interior design with neutral paint walls

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore recently announced their “2016 Color of the Year”, and in stark contrast to last year’s selections, Coral Reef (SW) and Guilford Green (BM), this year, both have selected a shade of white. These may seem like controversial selections from paint companies that, when combined, offer over 4500 paint colors. However, when you look at the entire color palette presented from both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams you get a better grasp of the reasoning behind their selection. They are in no way suggesting we live in a white box. These colors merely serve as a backdrop to let certain features take center stage. Bold graphic designs, brightly accented walls surrounded by white trim and neutral backdrops highlighting the natural elements in a room are what this trend is about.


using patterns and textures for interior design

With our walls taking on neutral tones, the opportunity to introduce visual interest will present itself in home accents. Bright graphic prints on accent pillows, area rugs and artwork is a great place to start. Geometric patterns are already saturating the market in wallpaper, flooring and backsplashes. Selecting the correct patterns and textures to accomplish your design goals can prove challenging and is best done in person if possible.

One thing is certain, 2016 promises to be an exciting year for interior design. Warmer weather will be here soon, bringing us out of our winter hibernation; and with it, will come the motivation and inspiration to do some much needed spring cleaning. For me, that includes much more than opening my windows, deep cleaning my house and purging my closet and cabinets. I know I am looking forward to reinventing and re-imagining my spaces. I already have my eye on a beautiful fabric from Designers Guild for some throw pillows in my living room and a wonderful Maya Romanoff wallpaper for my hall bath! I will embrace these interior design trends, and I hope you will too. St. Louis is fortunate to have many great To-The-Trade resources for design professionals. When working with a designer, you have the opportunity to take advantage of these resources and visit their showrooms featuring large format fabric samples, exclusive furniture lines and accessory collections. Rely on local professionals to guide you through the selection process and proper techniques to incorporate these trends in a way that suits your lifestyle.

For more examples of 2016 design trends, visit the following Pinterest boards specifically created to illustrate the ideas conveyed in this article: 2016 Design Trend - Eclectic Interiors and Artisan Goods, 2016 Design Trend - Mixed Metallics and Metals, 2016 Design Trend - Patterns. If you are like many of our clients and prefer a professional touch when decorating your home, please give us a call 314-822-7006 and we can discuss your needs.