Chairish Challenge: Mismatched Chairs

We were recently contacted by the company, Chairish, to participate in their latest Style Challenge:  pairing mismatched chairs. Chairish is a company that makes it fun and easy for design lovers to buy and sell pre-loved decor to one another. They have tons of unique vintage pieces that easily coordinate with several styles.

The mismatched dining chair look has been on trend for quite some time now. It’s a great way to add interest and dimension to a space and give it an eclectic, lived-in feel. Achieving this seemingly effortless look is easier said than done, but it helps to remember this tip:  All chairs should have a distinguishing feature that allows them to work together nicely. (Examples:  similar height, shape, color, style, material, etc.)

When first faced with this challenge, our perfectionist minds were a little weary of not having uniformity in our space, so this was truly a test!  There are several ways to achieve this look (as we stated above) but we chose to stick with a mid-century modern vibe in black and brown tones.  The chairs are all different but have that simplistic MCM style.  We paired our chairs with a beautiful Carrara marble table.2016-07-013

The walnut credenza is topped with a pair of Jana Bek’s brushstroke lamps and a simple round mirror.  To finish the space we added a colorful Persian rug, a linear brass chandelier, decorative dough bowl filled with succulents, and a rubber tree.


Danish Modern Chair

Danish Modern Chair

Danish Modern Chair

Danish Modern Chair

Modern Key Hole Chair

Modern Key Hole Chair

Bow Tie Ladder Back Chair (similar)

Bow Tie Ladder Back Chair (similar)

Niels Moller Rosewood Chair

Niels Moller Rosewood Chair

Modern Bent Wood Chair

Modern Bent Wood Chair

carerra marble table

Carrara Marble Table


Vintage Persian Rug


Kichler Linear Chandelier


Dough Bowl


Rubber Tree


Walnut Credenza


Navy Brushstroke Lamp


Looking Glass Mirror

What are your thoughts on this trend?  Would you try it in your home?  Chairish has endless options for dining chairs that you should definitely check out!

Cover Images via Domino & Decouvrir Designs

Saint Louis Artist – Ted Collier, Ted Collier Fine Art

ted collier


If you don’t know who Ted Collier is, you really should.  Best known for his abstract acrylic paintings on canvas and signature circles he refuses to be defined by one style or medium.  An avid outdoorsman and fisherman, he is inspired by the patterns he observes in nature as well as the space his art will occupy.  Ted is an artist in every sense of the word. His passion and intensity are infectious and he happens to be a super cool guy!


A lot has changed for Ted Collier in the past 5 years. The story goes something like this- boy meets girl, girl encourages boy to pursue his life long passion, boy listens to girl (good boy) and leaves his career in commercial real estate, boy and girl get married, open a restaurant (Katie’s Pizza & Pasta in Rock Hill), and boy achieves international success.


Ted Collier is proof that with enough hard work and determination your dreams can be achieved. His new 2,500 square foot studio/gallery space in Creve Coeur is a far cry from the corner in the auto repair shop he was painting in just a few years ago. Today his art is featured in countless private collections in Saint Louis, Switzerland and Australia to name a few. Ted is also experiencing commercial success. Most recently he was commissioned by Nordstrom to create 18 pieces for their Los Angeles Flagship Store and Vancouver, BC stores. He is truly humbled by all the support and encouragement he receives. Lucky for us that only fuels his artistic fire. The sky is the limit for this Saint Louis artist and I personally can not wait to see what his future holds. #stlproud

Ted Collier Fine Art is located in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Viewing is by appointment only. Prepare to be inspired!

Ted Collier Fine Art | Saint Louis, MO 63132 | 314.803.7727


I recently visited Ted’s studio and while we were viewing and discussing the available pieces I couldn’t help but notice the paint splatter on his black boots. I joked with him that the splatter on his boots even looks like a piece of art. When I told him I was going to mention them in the blog he sent me a photo. Guess what? Even the photo he sent me of the paint splattered black boots looks like a piece of art!!!

collage 1

Ted Collier in action | aforementioned boots




Americana style is all about tailored linens, historical elements, traditional furnishings with a rustic quality,  and of course,  red, white, and blue!  It’s a casual and comfortable style that can be incorporated in many different ways.  We prefer a classic approach with natural wood furnishings and lots of textured accent pieces.  Here are some items we are loving that give a nod to this patriotic-style:

St. Louis is a great city to spend the Independence Day holiday!  Below we listed some local festivities going on during the holiday weekend.

36th Annual Fair St. Louis

Held on Art Hill in Forest Park, the free 3-day event will feature incredible fireworks displays over the Grand Basin, family-friendly activities, tasty eats, and performances by big-name artists including Sammy Hagar, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic and Flo Rida.

St. Charles RiverFest

Starting on Friday, July 1st and continuing through the 4th, this event is held in Frontier Park on the banks of the Missouri River.  The most popular part of the festivities is the parade held on Monday, July 4th at 10 AM which runs along Main Street.  The event also has fun carnival rides for children, fireworks displays on the 3rd and 4th, and music by local artists, including the popular, The Funky Butt Brass Band.

Chesterfield July 4th Celebration

Located at the Chesterfield Mall, this event has become one of the largest fireworks displays in the metro area.  Guests are encouraged to bring lawn-chairs for comfortable viewing of the show.  The Kid’s Zone (open 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM) will feature carnival games, inflatable bounce houses, slides and an obstacle course.

JB Blast

This event is held at the historic Jefferson Barracks Park in St. Louis County on Friday, July 1st at 7:00 PM.  Guests can enjoy a free concert by the Starlifters USAF Band of Mid-America in the Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheater, then view the fireworks display beginning at dusk (approximately 9:15 PM).  Guests are also welcome to pay their respect to our service men and women buried in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.

Webster Groves Community Days

The family-friendly festival is a four-day celebration known for its parade, BBQ, carnival and fireworks displays.  $25 wrist bands are available for unlimited rides.  Fireworks displays will be held on the final two nights.


Cover Images via Domino & Laura U Interior Design.

Saint Louis Artisan – Martin Goebel, Goebel & Co. Furniture


Recently Updated8

A Saint Louisan To His Core

After graduating from Ladue Horton Watkins High School, Martin Goebel embarked on an education that spanned almost a decade in the pursuit of his true passion. Martin received his traditional training, at the College of the Redwoods in Ft. Bragg, California, in cabinet and furniture making. Upon graduating, he returned to Saint Louis and for the next 6 years he created custom pieces while completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Missouri, Saint Louis. In 2008, he was accepted to the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI. Martin received his Masters of Fine Arts in Furniture, with an emphasis on digital design and returned to Saint Louis once again in 2011 to start Goebel & Co. Furniture.  Today racks of Cherry, Walnut and White Oak and other American classics fill the Goebel & Co. warehouse on Locust Street in Midtown Saint Louis.

Making Utility Elegant

Martin Goebel has been quoted as saying “Design is a reaction to the study of life.  At Goebel & Co. we celebrate the simple activities of life through elegantly simple furniture. The real masterpiece of design is the life that occurs on and around our furniture.” While this describes the conceptual approach to his designs the execution of his pieces are a true testament to the functionalist design approach largely inspired by American architect Louis Sullivan, best known for his phrase “form (ever) follows function.”

Tradition meets Technology

A true testament to his educational background, every piece of furniture that Goebel & Co. creates is a combination of digital technology,  manufacturing and hand-craftsmanship. Designs are realized through the process of 3D modeling and then the individual components are either manufactured in-house or sent to a regional subcontractor. This approach allows Goebel & Co. to control the cost to the client and also take advantage of the cutting edge technology and skilled labor their regional partners offer. All of the pieces are assembled, inspected and finished at the Goebel & Co. workshop.

Goebel & Co. Furniture is featured locally in Companion Bakery, Brennan’s Wine and Tobacco, 4 Hands Brewing Co., Tani Sushi and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company’s Grove Brewery & Bierhall just to name a few. I encourage you to visit their website to be inspired and then give them a call to create a piece that is uniquely yours.

Goebel & Co. Furniture | 2936 Locust Street | Saint Louis, MO 63103


Masculine Interiors

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, we find ourselves thinking of all the important men in our lives and how we can make their day special.  Perhaps a relaxing, well-designed sanctuary could be the perfect gift.  Today we’re discussing the three main elements that shape a stylish masculine space and we’ve included some great pieces to incorporate.

Neutral Palette

Neutrals and earth tones are great for a more masculine interior.   Start with a classic palette of black and white or a muted olive green to set the tone, then layer in more saturated tones through artwork and pillows.


Masculine rooms tend to have strong, simple lines and rarely contain curvy, intricate pieces.  When making selections, choose pieces with simple, angular elements.  Geometric shapes play a big role in the design; think graphic rugs and artwork.  Fabrics with a classic pinstripe, plaid or herringbone pattern give a nod to menswear and create interest without feeling fussy.  Remember when accessorizing, less is more!  Accessories need to serve a purpose or be meaningful or simplistic in design.


The blending of rough and smooth surfaces will help you achieve a masculine look.  Blend natural materials such as stone or wood with sleek metals or glass like a polished light fixture or accent table.  Leather is the quintessentially masculine element of any space.  It can add such warmth, texture and richness to a space.  Try adding a chair or sofa for impact or simple leather pulls or a pouf for a lighter touch.

Get the Look


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Decorating with the 5 Elements of Feng Shui

Life is all about balance. From the foods we eat to our work and personal lives we are constantly searching for that perfect balance. We are spending more time than ever indoors – roughly 90%. Because of this our environments and the effects they have on us are more important than ever. As a designer, I intuitively work with the 5 elements of feng shui when pairing textiles, colors, shapes, textures and furnishings, on a daily basis. Here is a brief introduction to the elements and how you can incorporate them into your environments to create a sense of harmony and balance.


Incorporating the earth element into your space is said to bring about peace, stability and protection to you and your relationships. Decorating with square shapes and layering tones of beige, sandy and pale yellow tones are a simple way to introduce the earth element. Terracotta pots and stone sculptures also add a nice touch.


An energetic metal element helps facilitate focus, precision and a strong sense of clarity. Metal is the easiest element to introduce regardless of your particular design style. Picture frames, decorative metal accents, round shapes and the use of metallics, grays and whites are expressive of this element.


The water element creates a positive sense of calm, purity and relaxation to any space. Mirrors are the most common expression of water in decor. Accessories and textiles with shades of blue and black will also bring this element in to your space.


wood element blog collage

Fiddle Leaf Fig | Shelves | Pillow | Wood Bowl

Wood is considered to be a healing element that brings about vibrancy in health & growth and decisiveness in action. Consider floating wood shelves, branches mixed in with your florals or adding a houseplant. Rectangular shapes and decorating with greens and browns will also give this element presence.


The fire element, when balanced correctly, will bring activity and energy to your life and your career. Fire is best used in moderation. Misuse of this element will cause over stimulation and a sense of anxiety. Fireplaces and candles are the obvious way to introduce the fire element. Triangle shaped decor and well placed accents in bold reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and purples are also indicative of fire.

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor parties are one of the best parts of summer.  The vibe is relaxed and the focus is on enjoying the nice weather while creating fun memories with friends and family.  Read our 5 tips for getting your summer soiree just right, and let us know, what are your tricks for a successful party?


In the Midwest, outdoor entertaining can be difficult to enjoy with the amount of mosquitoes that linger outside. Adding lanterns with citronella candles add ambiance while deterring bugs.  Arm your backyard with bug deterring plants.  Planting garlic, basil and peppermint in your garden bed and strategically placing potted plants of lavender, lemon balm, and marigolds around seating areas will do double duty adding color to your patio while keeping your guests safe from bug bites!  Also having plenty of insect repellent on hand is a must!


Potted Lavender | Potted Marigolds | Lanterns


On hot summer days it is essential to keep food fresh for your guests.  If your kitchen is close to the back door, set up a buffet inside on the island.  If not, set up the food table near the door to keep temperatures stable and remember to periodically replenish ice.  Room temperature snacks are also great to have around seating areas.


Planning separate stations for food, drinks and activities combats potential jams and helps maintain a nice flow. Also, creating various seating areas allow guests to easily move around and engage in smaller, more intimate conversations.


String cafe lights around your patio or along your fence to add instant charm to your backyard. Position a seating area around a fire pit and roast s’mores.  Don’t forget the tunes!  For those who do not have outdoor speakers, have a Bluetooth speaker ready with your perfectly curated playlist.  When decorating your outdoor space, treat it like a room.  Adding indoor elements like a rug, pillows, throws and a mirror will create a cozy and inviting place for your guests.


Having activities ready creates an enjoyable atmosphere. Whether it’s a round of cards or tournament of bags or washers, games always ensure that guests are having a great time.  If you have a pool, make sure to keep extra towels, sunblock, and floats for guests.